Different faces lemurs make

Ok so (1) “Hey what you looking at?”(2)”What are you doing?”(3)”Wait I’m thinking.”(4)”Hey,I’m sun bathing here.”(5)”Oh yeah that was soo tasty.”(6)”Yawn””I’m tired.”(7)”Yeah she’s my mom.”(1Top left-2top right-3down-4bottom left-5right-6right-7right)



Lemurs and habitat loss

Have you heard recently that lemurs are losing their homes? Lemurs have been losing their homes for many years. Now people are starting to save the lemurs.In Duke Lemur Centers website (gifts.duke edu) you can adopt a lemur. For adopting a lemur you pay $7,400 for their housing, food, veterinary treatment, daily care, and training for one lemur.

About My Website

My site is about lemurs this is my first time to do a website.
My site is to tell the people who read these about lemurs and their habitats.
My site is for people to acknowledge that lemurs are endangered species.
In 20-25 scientists predict lemurs will be…